Frequently Asked Questions

If the slide is not cleaned thoroughly before installation the adhesive can be compromised. A replacement Slide Spider® was provided in the package should this happen. Make sure to follow the instructions and watch our install video.

Frequently when shooters try to manipulate the slide with weakened hand grip strength, they will point the firearm in unsafe directions. The Slide Spider® adds to your grip strength which can help you to keep the firearm pointed down range.

We have had Law Enforcement officers test out the Slide Spider® in their environments; dry, wet and cold conditions. They reported back to us that the Slide Spider® worked superior in adverse conditions.

We have provided a 3 part instructional video on our website on cleaning your firearm without using harsh chemicals which are not needed.

Watch the installation video to see the placement of the Slide Spider®. Carefully remove the Slide Spider®, reposition it, and complete the install.

The Slide Spider® is not a permanent alteration. Simply peel off the Slide Spider® and simple isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol will remove any adhesive that remains.

If you don’t see an option or model that you would like, please fill out our contact sheet being specific in what you are looking for and we will get back to you.

If properly installed and taken care of the Slide Spider® can last over a thousand slide cycles.

Currently we offer one level but after testing other levels, this may be an option that we offer. Please continue to check our website for further options.

The Slide Spider® is manufactured under strict quality control guidelines to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. If a defect is noted, please return the product for replacement to:

ArachniGRIP, LLC
P.O. Box 158
Parker, CO 80134

All holsters will show some sort of wear from your firearm with or without the Slide Spider®.

Keep checking back on our website for new or featured products that may help you with your firearm skills.

The Slide Spider® is designed to fit your firearm with the most common stock rear sights. Some trimming with scissors may be necessary if you have different sights.

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