By John Miller 01 May, 2016

The product has a pretty catchy name. It’s called the ArachniGrip Slide Spider. Yes, arachni, as in arachnid, the scientific name for spiders. Now, I am not ashamed to admit that I absolutely hate spiders. But, luckily, I overcame my long standing hatred for the things, long enough to test out this product. And, while I still loath eight legged creatures, I absolutely love my ArachniGrip Slide Spider!

So, what is it? ArachniGrip is a custom cut, grip tape material, that is applied to the slide of your firearm. If you are familiar with the applied tape grips from companies like Talon Grips, it is the same concept, except this is specifically cut for the slide. There are several reasons why I really like this product.

Assisting with weak hand strength – You may have weak hand strength, have arthritis or a physical disability that makes racking the slide difficult. Yes, manufacturers cut serrations in the slide to help grip, but for some people these are simply not enough, or really are more for aesthetics than function. The ArachniGrip gives the person something to substantially grip and it absolutely makes a difference. Now obviously, it does not physically change the amount of force needed to rack the slide. But, it does however, give the person more texture to grip, resulting in more leverage and easier sliding.

Good for gross motor skills – For those of you who are not familiar with personal defensive shooting, or shooting under high stress, your body does some strange things. Without going off on a human physiology tangent, I’ll give you the lowdown on why the ArachniGrip is great for high stress defensive shooting incidents. When you are faced with a stressful situation, your brain goes into the fight or flight mode. Your body instinctively releases adrenalin and other chemicals to help you focus, fight, react quicker, and perceive time differently (your brain actually makes it feel like time slows down). Pretty cool right? But, some of this comes at a price. Your field of view narrows, creating the ‘tunnel vision’ you most likely have heard of. Your hearing is diminished, called auditory exclusion. And most importantly for this discussion, your fine motor skills disappear. By fine motor skills, I am talking about the ability for your fingers to do precise small movements (thread a needle, button a shirt button, etc.) When these fine motor skills disappear, we have to rely on gross motor skills. This is one of the reasons why when practicing magazine changes, it is preferable not to use the slide stop to release the slide forward after inserting the magazine. That slide stop is quite small, and with fine motor skills compromised, it becomes more difficult to ensure you release the slide and get the gun back into action. So the preferred method is to grip the slide, rip it to the rear and let it go. This action does not use fine motor skills. Rather, it relies on the gross motor skills used when your body is in that flight or fight mode. Yes, that is a long explanation of why having extra grip on your slide in a situation like this is pretty awesome. The ArachniGrip would also seem to be a great help for sweaty or dirty hands with little to no fine motor skills attempting to rack a slide after a magazine change.

By John Miller 31 Dec, 2015

The Slide Spider is a patent-pending product designed by a company called ArachniGRIP. ArachniGRIP was founded in 2015 and is located in the town of Parker, Colorado. It was started by a pair of self-described “lifelong firearms enthusiasts.” The motivation behind the founding of the company was to help shooters at all stages utilize safer training methods. They hope the Slide Spider will not only help shooters train  safely but allow them to train more comfortably and easily as well.

The Slide Spider is what it sounds like – a multi-legged addition to your gun’s slide. A spider is emblazoned at the center while legs designed to fit within your gun’s serrations run down each side. According to the company it helps shooters with a weak grip due to arthritis or other issues get a more positive grip . It’s also for use by shooters just looking for a sure grip in general whether due to wet, slippery conditions or various personal reasons. Testimonials on ArachniGRIP’s website are glowing and come from varied sources ranging from average citizens to NRA instructors to a USPSA Master Class Shooter .

In addition to the original spider-emblazoned version there is also a “your logo here” option listed. It appears to come in multiple colors including black, red, and pink. The product itself adheres to the gun with an adhesive that can be removed with isopropyl alcohol.

ArachniGRIP is currently selling the Slide Spider for the following guns: Kahr, Walther, SCCY , Beretta, Glock , Heckler&Koch, Para USA, Ruger , SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield Armory. Specific details can be found on the company’s website at!/c/12999691/inview=category13415206&offset=0&sort=normal . MSRP $19.95.

By John Miller 29 Sep, 2015

When ArachniGRIP  offered to send some of their Slide Spider pistol  slide grip enhancers we figured “sure, why not?”
We put them in the review queue, meaning it would take a month or 3 before we got to them.

Waiting was a mistake.

Had we known how simple and effective the ArachniGRIP Slide Spider  would be on our Glock 26, Glock 34, Glock 17,  and Springfield XDm 40 pistols , we would have taken the required 52 seconds to install them the day they arrived.

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