Ruger LCP Grip

Ruger LCP Gun Grip

Sturn, Ruger & Co., Inc. is among the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, comfortable, and highly reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. Standing out as the only full-line manufacturer of American-made firearms, Ruger boasts of over 60 years experience, and having over 400 variations of more than 30 product lines; all designed to cater for the varying needs of their wide client base. Ruger also takes pride in its award-winning products such as the Gunsite Scout Rifle, SR9, LCR, and the remarkable LCP; which all prove that Ruger has the most rugged and reliable firearms to meet any shooter's needs.

Lightweight and bearing a very compact design, the Ruger LCP semi-auto pistol stands just 5.16" long and 3.60" tall; making it easy to fit a variety of holsters and provide concealed carry options. This semi-auto pistol offers a narrow grip that is designed to fit naturally and comfortably into the hand of the user. You can easily carry it around all day while concealed, and yet be able to quickly deploy it when need arises.

The LCP uses a double-action only, hammer fired mechanism; with its hammer buried into the back of the side to prevent any snagging. This double-action firing makes it easy to use the LCP in stressed situations as there are no switches or levers to remember. All you need is to just point and shoot!

Being small, rugged, and comfortable on the hand, the Ruger LCP grips perfectly on the user's hand and therefore makes it really easy to use. It also features low profile front and back sights incorporated onto the slide to prevent snag on clothing when the pistol is drawn from a concealed location. Also, the LCP has no sharp edges to help with concealment and reduce wear and tear on clothing.

The LCP model is made with an alloy steel side that has a blued finish. The magazine release pushes in easily for easy loading. However, unlike many other semi-auto pistols that operate with a blow-back option, the Ruger LCP runs on a locked breech system that helps mitigate recoil. This breech system also helps prevent you from pulling the slide back against an exceedingly heavy recoil spring when loading. The pistol also has a manual slide, hold-open, latch for cleaning an inspection.

All in all, the Ruger LCP is a greatly designed, reliable, and comfortable semi-auto pistol that you can count on in an emergency. Our Ruger LCP grips are exceptionally designed to add texture, grip, and great ease in the handling of your LCP pistol. They are very easy to install, maintain, and will definitely last you a long time, provided proper care is offered. Buy our gun grips today and ensure enhanced handling and safety of your firearm.

Problem solved with the Slide Spider by ArachniGRIP! It adds the much needed texture to your Ruger LCP slide and allows you to hold the pistol in the proper position. Our grips are super simple to install and can be done quickly. If taken care of, your Slide Spider will last for quite some time. Make your shooting safer and more accurate with the added texture of Slide Spider by ArachniGRIP.

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