Springfield Armory XDS Grips

Springfield Armory XDS Grips

Established in 1777 under George Washington's order, Springfield Armory has been a well-known name in the gun and ammunition industry for hundreds of years. In 2001 when they released their XD line, the gun manufacturer redefined polymer pistols. Springfield Armory XD pistols are comfortable to hold, easy to operate, and have the features and performance expected from this reputable company.

The Springfield Armory XDS is the small, easy to conceal option in the XD line. This sleek, single stack 9mm offers a narrow grip that fits naturally and comfortably in the hand. The slim grip is due to the single stack where the bullets load into the magazine vertically. Being a compact Springfield Armory pistol makes it a reliable and accurate option that is one of the easiest 9mm pistols to conceal.

The Springfield Armory XDS grip, being small and comfortable, is perfect for women shooters. More and more women are beginning to shoot and having smaller hands, they need a more compact option.

The barrel, having a low slide profile, fits flush against the shooter's hand. The height of the forged steel slide profile is just 4.4" with the compact mag and 5" with the mid-mag X Tension. The grip width, though, is under an inch at .9". While having a small, compact pistol is typically easy to manage, unfortunately this small grip area makes it difficult. Add this to the slick Springfield Armory slide, cycling the slide becomes challenging.

Many times shooters hold the firearm sideways or in other unsafe positions in order to attain a confident grip. This is not always the safest or most accurate position for manipulating the slide or for holding the firearm. The Springfield Armory XDS, like most firearms, was designed to be held in a certain position and not being able to properly use the firearm defeats the purpose of owning such a sleek, concealable 9mm pistol.

Slide Spider by ArachniGRIP adds texture to your Springfield Armory XDS slide and solves the problem of handling the pistol in such risky positions. Our Springfield XDS grips are amazingly simple to install on your pistol and can be done so in just a couple of minutes. They are also easy to maintain and will last a long time if taken care of properly. Get a better grip on your firearm and make it safer to use with the added texture of Slide Spider by ArachniGRIP.
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